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Course Offerings

English 9 P: Intro to Literature  & Composition

English 9 introduces freshmen to the rigors of high school writing and reading so that every student moves forward equipped with the critical thinking skills and essential academic knowledge necessary for success in college. The focus of the course is on the interpretation of literature, emphasizing students’ relationship to character development and the ways in which independence is attained through experience. As writers, students are encouraged to develop a unique voice that is conveyed appropriately while addressing relevant points in convincing and compelling ways. Course # 20185

English 9P SDAIE

English 9 P SDAIE is designed with the transitioning ELD student in mind. Using the same curriculum as English 9 P: Introduction to Literature & Composition, lessons and activities are designed to meet the needs of second language learners moving out of ELD instructional sequence and into English language arts college preparatory sequence. Course #20138

English 10 HP: Pre AP: Literature and Composition of Western Civilization

Honors English at the sophomore level is a course designed for advanced students who want the challenge of more difficult reading material presented at a faster pace. Reading material is chosen specifically to challenge and improve the reading skills of students already performing at an advanced level. Lectures, discussion, and classroom activities focus on the analysis and interpretation of literary technique. This course is in preparation for AP courses at the junior and senior level; heavy emphasis is placed on writing timed essays. Course# 20238

English 10P: Get Reel, Media Through Your Lens

College Prep English 10 builds on the reading and writing skills taught during the freshman year. Students analyze, interpret, and evaluate a global selection of literature and narrative non-fiction. Emphasis is placed on literary analysis as students continue to develop their ability to think critically and make connections to the world around them. Students will demonstrate proficiency in the fundamental reading and writing skills necessary for success in their high school years and beyond. While students explore the universal themes of each text, with an extensive focus on novels, poetry, informational texts, and films, they will acquire important technical skills needed to use digital media tools for filming and editing. Course #20241

English 10 HP: Pre AP: Get Reel, Media Through Your Lens

Students will gain the necessary abilities for digital media production, while participating in a rigorous, integrated English and media course.  Students will develop the abilities and skills necessary to effectively and creatively produce powerful video production, oral presentation, and written works that critically examine the impacts of ideological and social influences on both their choices on an audience. The will refine and develop their skills as writers of formal essays as well as creative work. Course #20239


Max Academy English 11 and 12 P/AP

Media Academy is a two-year academy program for juniors and seniors that combines English Language Arts, Social Studies and Media Technology curriculum. Each quarter, student production teams create videos, websites, and online magazines that explore themes presented to them in their English and Social Studies classes. Students in Media Academy also study the media itself, as well as conduct their own marketing, public relations and advertising campaigns. Academy students benefit from extended opportunities to work with professional mentors and partners. Media Academy is a blended, looped program that rotates the 11th and 12th grade curriculum over a two-year cycle. During their two years in the academy, students satisfy the requirements for English 11 P, English 12 P, U. S. History P, Economics P, Government P, and Digital Media Production. Course #20500

English 11 P: American Literature

College Prep Junior English exposes students to the literary voice of American authors. Writing assignments are focused on the development of strong argumentation and rhetorical skills through persuasive writing. Students develop critical reading and writing skills as they study grammar, vocabulary and rhetorical techniques. Students will present oral and written work to the class. Course# 20187 

AP English Language and Composition

AP Language and Composition is a rigorous, college level course centered on argument and persuasion. This course is for students who enjoy a challenging environment. The class is organized around questions that explore the political and economic, artistic and diverse points of view, expressed through books, essays and film. Students will become critical thinkers exploring rhetorical and artistic decisions writers make and the effects of their choices on an audience. They will refine and develop their skills as writers of formal essays as well as creative work. Course # 20183

English 12 P: World Literature and Expository Reading and Writing 

Senior year English samples a variety of world literature and expository writing skills, and provides students with a review of practical skills needed for first year college composition courses. Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of expository and persuasive writing acquired in earlier grades, but the primary writing focus this year is the reflective essay. In addition to building a portfolio of essays and other writings, students will practice effective note-taking and presentation techniques, and will also engage in a variety of projects to deepen their understanding of the course’s texts. Students will be asked to draw from a broad base of knowledge reaching from across the high school curriculum. Course# 20188

English 12 P: Journalism

Journalism is an alternative to English 12 P for seniors.  The course focuses on rigorous reading, writing, and critical thinking skills for the study of literary, news, opinion, sports, arts, and web journalism toward the regular publication of an online school newspaper, The Red and White. Students will learn about the history of journalism, study journalistic ethics and the role of print and web media in American and global society today, and in their collaborative efforts to produce a high-quality student publication, hone the skills necessary for pursuing a career in journalism.  Course #21169

AP English Literature and Composition

AP English Literature is for students who love to read and study literature, poetry, and literary theory as done in college. The course examines both depth and breadth of literature ranging from works by Shakespeare to Toni Morrison and John Donne to Sherman Alexie. The writing for the course is primarily analytical with a focus on understanding literary terms and ideas. This class is the culminating experience of four years of study in our English department. Course# 20184