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About the Mathematics Department


Summer assignments will be posted soon


The San Rafael Mathematics program consists of the following college prep offerings:

  • Algebra 1P 
  • Geometry P 
  • Intermediate Algebra or Algebra 2P 
  • Pre-calculus P
  • Statistics P


Our accelerated program, for students who have completed a year of algebra and/or a year of Geometry prior to enrolling at SRHS or who would like a more challenging math curricula, includes honors courses parallel to:

  • Geometry P
  • Algebra 2P
  • Pre-calculus P

This program culminates in Advanced Placement Calculus at both the AB and BC levels and Advanced Placement Statistics.


To ensure that all students master the fundamentals of algebra required a diploma in the state of California, the curriculum of Algebra 1P has been broken down into two courses, Algebra A and Algebra B. These courses together are approved by the UC system to receive credit equivalent to Algebra 1P for eligibility. 

Additionally, to provide access to the core Geometry curriculum for all students, the standards for Geometry have been split into two courses over two years Geometry A and Geometry B. The slower pace of these classes allows students with weaker basic math skills, learning challenges or language deficiencies to master the same standards as the Algebra 1P or Geometry P course.

We also have a two tiered  Intervention Program to provide support for students who are not meeting the district standards. Students can enroll in Algebra Readiness as a support prior to or concurrently with Algebra A.  

Departmentally standardized benchmark finals aligned to District adopted standards are administered in each class at the end of each semester. The scores on these finals are analyzed by the department. Weak areas are addressed using a vertical teams model. Skills are built into the curriculum of the prior course and spiraled throughout the courses that follow to enhance retention.


Homework reinforces principles, skills, concepts, and information taught in the classroom.  The following is the Mathematics department policy on communication around homework and make-up work:

  • All teachers will post most of the major assignments and important dates (Tests/Projects) either in their room or will provide them in writing to students. 
  • All teachers will use the Aeries grade book to facilitate access to assignments and student progress through their Aeries portal.
  • All teachers will reply promptly to emails regarding assignments and make-up work.  If a student is out for an extended period of time or the class activity is not something that can be done at home the teacher may assign an alternate assignment. 
  • For any other situations (extended absence or extenuating circumstance) math teachers should be contacted via email to make special arrangements.


Mark Baker   Teacher
Nichole Caiocca   Teacher
Lee Chretien   Teacher
Natalie Fortune   Teacher
Casey Hunt   Teacher
Kevin McSorley   Teacher
Jose Ortiz   Teacher
Juan Pommier   Teacher
Suzanne Saysette   Teacher
Mr. David Snaith   Department Chair