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Physical Education Department


The Physical Education Department provides a two-year requirement program consisting of a first year, 9th grade, and second year, 10th-12th grade, program, both of which are aligned with the California State Physical Education Content Standards.  The first year program focuses on skill development, basic anatomy, nutrition, exercise physiology, biomechanical principals, social development, and self-image through challenge activities and skill units in the Adventure P.E. Program*.  The emphasis is on the development of positive self-image by supporting students with knowledge and functional experience that allows them to be succesful regardless of their previous experience.

The second-year program focuses on life-long learning by exposing students to a vareity of lifetime activities at an advanced skill level.  Strategies for competition, an understanding of movement patterns and the social aspect of cooperation and support are focus areas for this program.  The Physical Education Department also offers three second-year elective classes.  The Adventure/Hiking class and the Adventure/Sailing class meet one evening a week and on 14 weekends.  A personalized weight training class, Weights to Music, is offered during the school day.  All of the above classes satisfy the P.E. 3-4 requirement for graduation.

The Physical Education staff is constantly modifying the program so that it better meets the needs of our students, issues of diversity, cultural attitudes and differences, self-image, respect, responsibility within school and community, all of which has been a deep concern for our staff.  Our curriculum provides an ideal situation for our programs to be a vehicle to expose students to issues that are prevalent within our society.  Sport and competition carry with it emotions that exceed those typically experienced in other classrooms, therefore, we believe the Physical Education experience is an ideal medium for teaching issues of society through sport and adventure.  We feel confident that we are on the threshold of producing a curriculum using techniques from many sources to address sensitive issues that exist at San Rafael High School and in our society at large.


Physical Education I


Students are challenged to learn and achieve State Standards in the  areas of social development, fitness, skill development and an understanding of various movement concepts. An emphasis is put on the development of imp


Physical Education II


Students will be competent in movement activities and excel in a few  lifetime activities. They will understand and enhance their skills by  understanding how and why movement is used in different situations.  Students will achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness. They will learn that having a physically active lifestyle will provide opportunities for enjoyment, challenge and self –expression. Students will demonstrate responsible personal behavior and understand the importance of respect for all others. All this will be experienced through a variety of lifetime activities, such as ultimate Frisbee, spinning, yoga, badminton, golf, weight training, etc.


Tony Butler   Teacher
Jose De La Rosa   Staff
C.J. Healy   Physical and Health Education Teacher
Jessica Redding   Teacher
Scott Springhorn   PE Department Chair
Sara Walters   Teacher



Night P.E. - Sailling

Night P.E. - Hiking

Weights to Music