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About the Visual & Performing Arts Department


The visual arts program offers comprehensive art experiences with explorations into classic and contemporary art. In addition to gaining confidence and proficiency working in a variety of mediums, students learn visual thinking strategies, conduct research, critique, self-reflect and explore personal style. With regular participation in art shows, murals community collaborations and national recognition, students learn to see themselves as artists with unique experiences and cultural perspectives they can draw upon to create and share meaningful are. Not only will students be able to comprehend art through the lens of an artist, students learn to understand the art language and be able to explore college and career opportunities. Art courses cover the VPA standards: 1. Artistic Perception – Processing, Analyzing, and Responding to Sensory Information through the Language and skill unique to the Visual Arts. 2. Creative Expression – Creating, Performing and Participating, as well as problem solving strategies in the Visual Arts. 3. Historical and Cultural Context – Understanding the Historical Contributions and Cultural Dimensions of the Visual Arts. 4. Aesthetic Valuing – Responding to, Analyzing, and Making Judgments about works in the Visual Arts. 5. Connections, Relationships, Applications – Connecting and Applying what is learned in the Visual Arts to other art forms and subject areas, and to careers.


Nick Burdick Music Teacher
Kevin Gordon  Music Teacher
Johanna Herrera Art Teacher
Nazira Kury   Art Teacher
Annie Yi Art Teacher