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Music Department

The San Rafael High School Music Department is considered to be among the elite programs in the state. We offer a great musical experience with and emphasis on performance, enjoyment of music, responsibility, commitment, cooperation, effort, and leadership. The various music ensembles we offer appear at concerts, sporting events, festivals, as well as community and civic events and add a great deal of color and life to the San Rafael community.


The music program provides students with the opportunity to become familiar with many different types of music, experience playing in various size ensembles, become part of the ensemble “team,” rehearse and eventually perform in front of parents, peers and the community. We offer a very ambitious concert schedule and also compete frequently in music festivals where we have received numerous superior ratings. We offer an elite program that is accessible and enjoyed by all students.


2022-23 Calendar

October 21st HOMECOMING info sheet




Nick Burdick


Kevin Gordon