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About the World Languages Department


San Rafael High School offers a complete five-year program, from first year through Advanced Placement in French and Spanish. The University of California and the California State Universities maintain a minimum of two years of foreign language as an entrance requirement, but prefer three years in the same foreign language. All foreign language courses at San Rafael High School are rigorous academic electives and certified by both of these systems. The aim of the World Language Department is to guide students to communicate effectively and with appropriate cultural sensitivity in order to work and travel in the international arena. All courses stress oral proficiency at each level as well as building intellectual achievement.


The World Language program consists of college prep, honors and AP class offerings in Spanish 1P, Spanish 2P, Spanish 3P / HP, Spanish 4P / HP, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature,French 1P, French 2P, French 3P / HP, French 4P / HP, AP French Language and Culture.  For native speakers we offer Spanish Language & Literature 1P and 2P, The accelerated program includes honors classes in Spanish 3, Spanish 4, AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature, and AP French Language and Culture.

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our World Language program. More than 50% of our students are enrolled in a Language class. Our AP Spanish test results for the 2011-12 school year was 94% and AP French test results for 2011-12 school year was 100%.


  Alani Coleman   Spanish Language
Suzanne Truett   Teacher
Kristen Wright   Teacher