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Vocational / Technical Education Resources

There are several places you can look to locate a vocational or technical school or find out which schools offer the field of study you are interested in. See below. The College Career Center has reference books available.   Regional Occupation Program - local county program with free classes for high school students with most classes located at various public high schools. Go to their web site for specific class information. Some of the classes currently available are: construction technology, medical assisting, business office technlolgies, and early childhood occupations.


To research schools in Marin and Sonoma counties, go to the North Bay Counties Occupational Outlook handbook, available in the Career Center and which can also be read online at:   Refer to the end of the document (approximately page 488) for a listing of vocational and technical schools in those counties.


For a listing of all California schools This is the site for The Bureau for Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education, which licenses such schools. You can search by city, county or field of study., go to   California Community College/Junior Colleges, go to   Bay Area Career Guide, go to


For a listing of schools across the country www.careeradvantage.orgHere you can search by field of study and see what programs are offered.


To explore apprenticeships, check out