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Text @godawgs86 to 81010 to receive the latest announcements from the Athletic Department. 

Welcome to the 2024-2025 Athletic Season 

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Casey Sully

Athletic Director
Office Phone (415) 485-2348


Debbie Trimble

AD Secretary

Office Phone (415) 485-2332

Student Commons - Front Desk


Ysa Druck 

Athletic Trainer

Work Phone (415) 755 - 5733

Athletic Trainer Room - G209    (In Gym Complex)


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Athletic Registration through Home Campus per season: 

Visit our FAQ's document for any questions. 

Season Start Date: 

Fall 2024: 

Monday, August 12th, 2024

Winter 2023: 

Monday, November 4th, 2024

Spring 2024: 

Monday, February 10th, 2024



Fall 2024:

Girls Tennis

Winter 2023-24: 

No Positions Available at this time. 

Spring 2024:

No Positions Available at this time. 

Please click here to have your application on record for future opportunities.

Contact the Athletic Department  to express interest or for more information.



San Rafael Athletics has adopted InstaTeam as a quick link communication and scheduling tool for use by all athletic teams.  InstaTeam can be used via computer or smart phone app. and allows everyone to stay in touch with SR Athletics and the various teams.  You can download and use InstaTeam at no charge.  The links below will provide tutorials for the use of InstaTeam.





Coaches Evaluations 

For Student-Athletes:






Parent-Student Guide to Athletics





Our student-athletes and coaches dedicate numerous hours through the season to bring success and pride to the San Rafael community. The athletics department strives to provide our students with the best possible facilities, coaching, and equipment. To help continue to build a blossoming and competitive athletic program, SRHS has implemented an “Athletic Contribution” as a solution to help cover costs and enhance our student-athlete experienceThe requested voluntary contribution is $75 for each sport season in which a student athlete plays (Fall, Winter, Spring) and will be sought at the start of each season after teams are formed. The funds raised will go directly to the Athletics Department budget and will cover much needed expenses like uniforms, equipment, officials, and league fees.

Let’s support our students during their time in high school sports. They deserve the most robust experience we can give them and the requested participation amount will keep them safe, uniformed, and competing with the top teams in the Bay Area. Thank you for your support....and GO DAWGS!

Please note: this fundraising program is distinctly separate from the WeAreSR! Annual Fund or the money raised by the Athletic Boosters.

Questions about the Athletic Contribution request should be directed to Casey Sully.


Here is a link to the website of our current Athletics Photography company: 

Classic Photography

Digital Copy of Order Form



Nationwide data continues to show that many catastrophic head injuries are a direct result of injured athletes returning to play too soon, not having fully recovered from the first head injury.  Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control reports that approximately 3 million sports and recreational concussion occur every year.

California law mandates that all coaches must receive training on concussions. The training may be fulfilled through the free, online course available through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).


CIF Acute Concussion Notification Form for Parents - Spanish

CIF Concussion Information Sheet

CIF Concussion Return to Play Procotol

CIF Concussion RTL (Return-to-Learn) Protocol

CIF Concussion RTL Protocol - Spanish




  • Gio Brovelli – Second Team, Baseball

    Lazlo Clements – Honorable Mention, Baseball

    Dylan Thorpe – Honorable Mention, Baseball

    Wyatt Locke – Second Team, Boys Lacrosse

    Jackson Garcia – Honorable Mention, Boys Lacrosse

    Hayden Aguinagalde – Honorable Mention, Boys Lacrosse

    Jasmine Luria – Second Team, Girls Lacrosse

    Sarah Mardesich – Second Team, Girls Lacrosse

    Pier Pomeroy – Honorable Mention, Girls Lacrosse

    Stephanie Mendez – Honorable Mention, Girls Lacrosse

    Sophia Everett – First Team, Softball

    Angel Amesa – First Team, Softball

    Megan Murphy – First Team, Softball

    Cassidy Kaplan – Honorable Mention, Softball

    Thomara Drummer – Honorable Mention, Softball

    Forrest Reilly – Honorable Mention Singles, Boys Tennis

    Luca Caviness – Honorable Mention Singles, Boys Tennis

    O’Marion Beard – Honorable Mention, Boys Volleyball

  • Marcos Tolliver – Honorable Mention, Boys Basketball

    Sophia Everett – Honorable Mention, Girls Basketball

    Norman Tellez – First Team, Boys Soccer

    Alejandro Benavides-Garb – First Team, Boys Soccer

    Juan Hernandez – Second Team, Boys Soccer

    Lucas Wheeler – Honorable Mention, Boys Soccer

    Lila Nitta – First Team, Girls Soccer

    Noelia Gramajo – Second Team, Girls Soccer

  • Amos Munoz – First Team Offense, Football

    O’Marion Beard – Second Team Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Football

    Bodhi Shipley – Second Team Defense, Football

    Brendan Davidson – Second Team Defense, Football

    Charlie Grant – Honorable Mention Offense, Football

    Alex Bautista – Honorable Mention Offense, Football

    Teo Cristea – Second Team, Cross Country

    Shaylee McCulley – Second Team Singles, Girls Tennis

    Sarah Casper – Honorable Mention Doubles, Girls Tennis

    Jade VonDoepp – Honorable Mention, Girls Volleyball

    Julian Levash – Honorable Mention, Boys Water Polo

    Estelle Engelskichen – Honorable Mention, Girls Water Polo

  • Ryan Scoles - Second Team, Baseball
    Lazlo Clements - Honorable Mention, Baseball
    Jack Healy - Honorable Mention, Baseball
    Max Van Nuys - Honorable Mention, Boys Golf
    Jacob Ferreri - Honorable Mention, Boys Lacrosse
    Francesca San Diego - Honorable Mention, Girls Lacrosse
    Thomara Drummer - First Team All-League, Softball
    Sophia Everett - Second Team All-League, Softball
    Angel Amesa - Honorable Mention, Softball
    Kelsey McNair - Honorable Mention, Softball
    Megan Murphy - Honorable Mention, Softball
    Lucas Caviness - Honorable Mention Doubles, Boys Tennis

  • Jack Healy - 1st Team, Boys Basketball
    Mary Healy - 2nd Team, Girls Basketball
    Juan Bonilla - 1st Team, Boys Soccer
    Norman Tellez - 2nd Team, Soccer
    Antoni Cortez - 2nd Team, Soccer
    Alex Gomez - Honorable Mention, Soccer
    Emmie Rodas - Honorable Mention, Soccer
    Clea Jimenez Donovan - 2nd Team, Soccer
    Lila Nitta - 2nd Team, Soccer

  • Jack Healy - 2nd Team Offense, Football
    Jack Healy - 2nd Team Defense, Football
    Breiner Calderon - 2nd Team Defense, Football
    Luke Davis - Honorable Mention Offense, Football
    Jacob Ferreri - Honorable Mention Offense, Football
    Amos Munoz - Honorable Mention Offense, Football
    Seamus Lubamersky - Honorable Mention Defense, Football
    Isabelle Nicandri - Honorable Mention, Girls Golf
    Anastasia Klepikova - Honorable Mention Singles, Girls Tennis
    Mary Healy - 2nd Team, Volleyball
    Santiago Jimenez-Donovan - 2nd Team, Boys Water Polo
    Estelle Engelskirchen - Honorable Mention, Girls Water Polo

  • No MCAL Awards due to COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Byron DeLeon-1st Team, Soccer
    Max Diaz - 1st Team, Soccer
    Jesler Escobar - 2nd Team, Soccer
    Pablo Bartone-Garcia - Honorable Mention, Soccer
    Acer Cristea - Honorable Mention, Soccer
    Jackie Lancaster - 2nd Team, Soccer
    Katie Wheeler - 2nd Team, Soccer
    Aspen Morris- Honorable Mention, Soccer
    Hayden Hattenbach - Honorable Mention, Basketball
    Drew Caveney - Honorable Mention, Basketball
    Libby Davis - Honorable Mention, Basketball

  • Henry Denberg - 1st Team, Cross Country
    Acer Cristea - 1st Team,  Cross Country
    Aiden Lubamersky - 2nd Team Offense, Football
    Liam Lubamersky - 2nd Team Defense, Football
    Jack Miller - Honorable Mention, Football
    Kava Taufa - 1st Team Singles, Tennis
    Derek Daly - Honorable Mention, Water Polo
    Sarah Williams - Honorable Mention, Water Polo
    Samantha Allen - 2nd Team, Golf
    Phoebe Johnson - 2nd Team, Golf
    Fiona O'Neill - Honorable Mention, Golf
    Landy Monitto - Honorable Mention, Volleyball

  • Hayden Hattenbach - Second Team All-League, Baseball
    Nick Besson - Player of the Year, Boys Golf
    Sid Leipsic - Second Team All-League, Boys Golf
    Daniel Rohr - Honorable Mention, Boys Golf
    Alan Aguilar - Honorable Mention, Boys Lacrosse
    Ruby Jobe - Honorable Mention, Girls Lacrosse
    Ryan O'Hagan - Second Team All-League, Softball
    Michela Celi - Honorable Mention, Softball
    Katie Dalpino - Honorable Mention, Softball
    Marcos Gulati - Second Team All-League Singles, Boys Tennis

  • Phil Hauser - Honorable Mention, Boys Basketball
    Sarah Williams - Honorable Mention, Girls Basketball
    Yorvin Cifuentes - First Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Christopher Barrios - First Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Breiner Rodas - Second Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Edwin Zacarias - Second Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Ryan Chung - Honorable Mention, Boys Soccer
    Jackie Lancaster - First Team All-League, Girls Soccer
    Aliya Clark - Honorable Mention, Girls Soccer

  • Edwin Zacarias - First Team All-League Football, Offense
    Drew Caveney - Honorable Mention, Football, Offense
    Liam Lubamersky - Honorable Mention, Football, Defense
    Jack Miller - Honorable Mention, Football, Offense
    Kava Taufa - First Team All-League Girls Tennis
    Henry Denberg - First Team All-League Boys Cross Country
    Acer Cristea - Second Team All-League Boys Cross Country
    Nilo Benecio - Second Team All-League Boys Water Polo
    Will Scola - Honorable Mention, Boys Water Polo
    Sarah Williams - Honorable Mention, Girls Water Polo
    Alexis Shnurpfeil - Honorable Mention, Girls Volleyball

  • Ethan Bell - Second Team All-League, Baseball
    Jack Cottrell - Second Team All-League, Baseball
    Nick Besson - Honorable Mention, Boys Golf
    Christian Duro - Honorable Mention, Boys Lacrosse
    Michela Celi - Honorable Mention, Softball
    Sandra Gonzalez - Honorable Mention, Softball
    Coco Berkenfield - Swimmer of the Year, Swimming
    Marcos Gulati - Second Team Singles All-League, Boys Tennis

  • Keaton Flores - Second Team All-League, Boys Basketball
    Senia Spence-Paredes - Honorable Mention, Girls Basketball
    Randy Beltran - First Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Devon Breslin - Second Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Christopher Barrios - Second Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Yorvin Cifuentes - Honorable Mention, Boys Soccer
    Aliya Clark - Honorable Mention, Girls Soccer
    Chloe Ortiz - Honorable Mention, Girls Soccer
    Jackie Lancaster - Honorable Mention, Girls Soccer
    Berlin Montepeque - Female Wrestler of the Year, Wrestling
    Deybi Maldonado - Second Team All-League, 120, Wrestling
    Aidan Lubamersky - Second Team All-League, 220, Wrestling
    Liam Lubamersky - Second Team All-League, Heavy, Wrestling

  • Munir Kabbara - First Team All-League, Cross Country
    Adrian Gutierrez - Second Team Offense, Football
    Arlon Mazariegos - Honorable Mention Defense, Football
    Kava Taufa - First Team Singles All-League, Girls Tennis
    Kiara Gulati - Second Team Singles All-League, Girls Tennis
    Mckenna Tuatagaloa - Honorable Mention, Girls Volleyball
    Maxwell Von Doepp - Honorable Mention, Boys Water Polo
    Julia Smith - Honorable Mention, Girls Water Polo

  • Angelo Zorn - First and Second Team All-League, Baseball
    Gabe Yetnikoff - Honorable Mention, Baseball
    Christian Duro - Honorable Mention, Boys Lacrosse
    Nick Besson - Second Team All-League, Boys Golf
    Sid Leipsic - Honorable Mention, Boys Golf
    Ellie Bauer - Pitcher of the Year, Softball
    Ella Moreira-Gerlach - Second Team All-League, Softball
    Nick Tanaka - First Team Singles All-League, Boys Tennis
    Wyatt Anderson - Second Team Singles All-League, Boys Tennis
    Alex Miller - Honorable Mention Singles, Boys Tennis

  • Jonathan Silva - Honorable Mention, Boys Basketball
    Senia Spence-Paredes - Honorable Mention, Girls Basketball
    Bryan Dardon - First Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Randy Beltran - First Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Erik Portillo - First Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Erik De La Rosa - Second Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Christopher Barrios - Second Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Miguel Sanchez - Second Team All-League, Boys Soccer
    Breiner Rodas - Honorable Mention, Boys Soccer
    Taylor Lancaster - First Team All-League, Girls Soccer
    Skylar Vorhees - Second Team All-League, Girls Soccer
    Chloe Ortiz - Honorable Mention, Girls Soccer
    Andrew Savedra - First Team All-League, 220, Wrestling
    Braulio Resendiz - First Team All-League, Heavy, Wrestling
    Deybi Maldonado - Second Team All-League, 113, Wrestling
    Declan Mylett -Second Team All-League, 160, Wrestling
    Edward DeLeon - Honorable Mention, 195, Wrestling

  • Ariel Kivela - Second Team All-League, Cross Country
    Jesus Alvarado - Honorable Mention Offense, Football
    Kava Taufa - Second Team Singles All-League, Girls Tennis
    Kiara Gulati - Honorable Mention Singles, Girls Tennis
    Emily Carusco - Honorable Mention, Volleyball
    Andrew Savedra - Honorable Mention, Boys Water Polo
    Johnie Lee Fain - Second Team All-League, Girls Water Polo