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Johanna Herrera was born in Los Angeles, California, and it was there that she discovered her passion for the sights and sounds of the urban landscape. It was in high school that she found a voice for this passion and that was in the art of black and white photography. Upon graduating from high school she moved 400 miles north of L.A. to study film photography at The Academy Of Art College in San Francisco.  

Throughout her college career she exhibited her black and white as well as color photographs in several local Northern California galleries and group photo exhibits. In 1993, she graduated art school and began traveling as much as possible, exploring exciting new backdrops and cultivating her own style.

“My relationship with art has been a journey of discovery. I have learned not only about technique and media but I have also learned a lot about myself. I began my artistic path with a love of photography and have traveled consistently on that path for 25 years. Along the way I grew passionate about ceramics as well. I was fortunate enough to marry in to a family of artists and it was there that I discovered the art of ceramic and glass.”

Recently, Johanna exhibited her black and white photographic series entitled “Out West” in Arezzo, Italy. This exhibit was a huge success, resulting in several sold pieces and an opportunity to photograph the Italian landscape. Currently she is inspiring and supporting her students at San Rafael High School while working on a new new photographic series based on her travels to Tuscany.



Annie Yi was born in Oakland, California, and it was through the local bay area that she has found passion for the arts and to teach students art. It was in middle and high school that she found an interest in painting, sculpture and any type of art. Upon graduating, she pursued an Arts degree at University of California, Davis.

Traveling to Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea, Africa and much more to learn about the art in different countries, she came back to the states to teach art at all different levels and ages. With the experiences of teaching at a variety of levels, she believes she has great insight to help students during high school.

While exhibiting her work and teaching at the high school level, she went back obtain her master’s degree in Art Education to further her knowledge in the arts, teaching the arts and developed a curriculum suited for secondary level students.

Throughout the summer, Annie not only works on her own personal art pieces but also teaches at UC Berkeley as an instructor in Fine Arts Department, for (ATDP) Academic Talent Development Program created for highly motivated students in the local area. She loves teaching and finds great joy in having students tap into the wonderful world of Art!

Art Boosters is a group of parents working to support the art program at San Rafael High School. Our group raises money for equipment, supplies, shows and other program needs;  promotes the art program within the school and San Rafael communities; and helps create  events that increase the visibility of our amazing students.  

We are really proud of our art program here at San Rafael High, which offers the opportunity for a broad range of artistic expression and growth. Students can pursue a comprehensive art curriculum during all four years at SRHS. We offer beginning and advanced courses in Art and Ceramics including AP Art in Drawing and 2D Art & Design. We are fortunate to  have a state of the art ceramics center right on campus where students can learn hand building and wheel work skills. Students also engage in a variety of experiences ranging from participating in mural projects to discovering opportunities for careers. 

Our wonderful art teachers bring decades of combined experience to the SRHS Art  Department. Students and teachers jointly participate in a large range of programs including the Youth in Arts Rising Stars Show, annual advanced placement art shows, Marin County high  school art shows and contests, community murals, Marin County teapot ceramic contests and  displays, Scholastic Art Scholarships, publication in books and newspapers, and annual school  wide art shows. We also have an art club, which provides opportunities for artistic expression  beyond the classroom and beyond enrollment in courses. 

Be sure to notice our artwork all over campus. The outdoor art quad is painted by students and  artwork is displayed in cases near the Hayes Theater and on the walls of the counseling office. We also sell our wares at the holiday tree lot. With budget shortfalls a reality in our school district, Art Boosters is an essential part of making sure all our art programs have the supplies and support they need to continue providing a superior educational experience for our students. We would love to have you join us. Meetings  are held the last Thursday of every month in one of the art rooms (or via Zoom

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Ms. Herrera and Mrs. Yi would appreciate donations of any supplies!  If you have any extra Art supplies (newspaper, egg cartons, brushes, paints, containers for water, etc), we can probably use them! Please contact us!

Annie Yi ( or 

Johanna Herrera (



Michelle Roberts & Neiley Royston

If you are interested in receiving Email updates (sign up below), forms, art show information and ways to volunteer; these can be handled through our art booster team. Feel free to contact us or the teachers for more information.



Art Booster Meetings are the fourth Thursday of every month at 4 p.m. on Zoom.


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