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English Language Advisory Council

SELAC, the School English Learner Advisory Committee, is a group of parents, teachers and school appointed staff whose main concerns are the welfare of the school's English Language Learners. Each school with 21 or more English learners (also known as LEP students) is required to form a functioning SELAC committee. It is an advisory committee in the governing process of the school much like School Site Council or School Leadership Team. This committee has elected officers and safeguards the rights of our ELL population. It is the school's job to keep the parents informed about the English Language Development program at SRHS, as well as our regular school program.


All  are encouraged to become involved and actively participate in SELAC.  

Please contact Jesslyn Alvarez, Community Liaison at SRHS @ 485-2396

or by email



SELAC meetings are held bimonthly via Zoom.  SELAC planning meetings will be periodically held in anticipation of official meetings to discuss items of agenda and coordinate with parent/teacher representatives and other SELAC school staff. Reminders will be communicated to committee members via parent square.