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AVID Team building!
Team building is crucial and necessary within the AVID program. A support system is necessary, for example, whether it is to help one get through the college application process, cheer a classmate on when she gets the grade she wants in science, or when any number of things can happen in a period of four years and he needs support for continued school success while learning to manage the outside world.  Sometimes it is just with fun and games and other times it is through field trips.  Field trips are not only important as a form of team building, but can also be pertinent to the AVID students' college readiness.


Service Learning/Community Service

All AVID students are involved in service learning and community service both as part of their overall grade and for extracurricular experiences.  These experiences provide students with learning opportunities for leadership skills, collaborative inquiry, and job experience, help to form them into global citizens, and contribute to the college application process and scholarship opportunities. It's all about making our AVID family college ready and college prepared!


A 3" binder is required! Why? If used properly, students will stop seeing "Does not bring materials to class" on their reportcards, time management will improve, AVID collaborative inquiry tutorials will function at the optimum level, and students will experience reduced stress along with more confidence.  All of these life skills are necessary to progress to honors and AP classes by junior and senior years in high school as well as continued success while attending a university.

The CASS/AVID Connection

Students and their families in AVID 9 and AVID 10 are also part of CASS (College Access for Student Success).

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College/Univ. Tours

As part of the AVID program we try to go to one UC, one State, and one Private College/University yearly!  We can always use adult chaperones to assist with these trips and we encourage all AVID parents to join us.  This gives our AVID students and their parents an idea of what colleges can offer them and what different choices are available.

AVID Family!

Those of us in AVID create an "AVID family".  Our AVID family continues to grow as new students join us and others graduate.