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Most private college applications will want at least a counselor recommendation.  Many will also want one or two teacher recommendations or community members.  In selecting teachers to write recommendations, think about these tips:

·         Select teachers that know you well and who will write positive recommendations.  They do not necessarily have to be teachers who you have in your senior year or whom have given you an A.

·         Give that person as much time as possible to write the recommendation, 3 weeks minimum.

·         Give them your Autobiographical Sketch with your requests. (Found in the CCC or Counseling Office)

·         If you are requesting more than one recommendation from a person, try to organize them and give them to that person at the same time.

·         Complete the student portion of the recommendation form before you give it to the person who will write the recommendation.

·         About a week before the recommendation is due, ask if the person needs any additional information from you. Thank them again for agreeing to write it.

·         Write the person a thank you note.

·         Keep records of who you asked, when you gave them the forms, when they sent them and when the deadlines are. 

It is vital that you give your counselor and/or teacher three weeks to allow for a well thought out, strong recommendation.  If you decide to apply on the spur of the moment, the counselor and/or teacher will do their best to complete the recommendation but it may not be as strong or be completed on time. 




·         Obtain the “Autobiographical Sketch” form from the Counseling Department or the College Career Center, A106.

·         Complete the “Autobiographical Sketch” with as much information as possible.  It is better to err on providing too much information that not enough, you know you best.

·         Give a copy of the “Autobiographical Sketch” and the recommendation forms (with the student portion completed) to the counselor or teacher you are asking for the recommendation.

·         Include an addressed and stamped envelope for each recommendation.